the ADIX and the Tawera

The 'GW Nautical’ Range

“GW” are the initials of my late father George Walton and in who’s honour we have named this unique nautical range. Much of his spare time away from his chartered accountancy practice was spent on the water and in his later life together with my brother Timothy, building a paper tiger/catamaran, aptly named “Tigertim”. My father became ill just before the completion of the paper tiger and although he watched from shore as it was launched, he sadly never got to sail on Tigertim. He died soon after, aged 52 years.

So for all those who love the sea and the sound of canvas under a good breeze this range is for you.

The Classic Block

We have handcrafted an exact replica of a Classic Block down to the very last detail of a real block.

Examples of the Classic Block

9ct Yellow Gold , Sterling Silver & 9ct Yellow Gold , Engraved Sterling Silver

The Classic Rowlock

We have handcrafted the Classic Rowlock in three sizes; large, medium & small.

examples of the classic rowlock

9ct Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver 

All of the range can be custom made in the metal of your choice and for the Classic Block the chain can be metal or woven leather.

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