Welcome to Libby's Fine Jewellery

personalISED jewellery

A lifelong passion for diamonds and gems has inspired the creation of Libby’s Fine Jewellery.

For us, jewellery is a celebration of life. It is an expression of our love, commitments and achievements. There is no greater gift than the gift of jewellery and the feeling of being cherished by the wearer. It is our greatest pleasure and honour to be part of these celebrations in life.

Libby’s has been built on creating pieces that are lovingly hand crafted with attention to detail and we use only the best stones from ethically approved sources from around the world.

We provide a very unique, personalised jewellery service. Buying or designing jewellery is a very private and personal thing – it is an expression of ourselves as much as an expression of the love and celebration that the piece will symbolise. So whether you wish to create your own bespoke piece of jewellery, remodel a pre-loved piece, or buy from our exquisite range, our expertise can be trusted to guide you in your choices and decisions.

Our web site is designed to give you a “taste” of what Libby’s Fine Jewellery has to offer. We do not believe in catalogues because everyone is an individual with their own individual tastes – our pieces are made especially and uniquely for you. So pop into our beautiful shop to enjoy the jewellery experience which will last a life time and beyond.